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 I was hired by company* to create social media content for 4Legz.

I worked with the Marketing Manager in Figma on this fun and exciting project. 4Legz is a deaf-owned company who makes dog treats that are nutritious and safe for all dogs especially these who have food allergies.

The copy was given to me to use in each design. My role is to ensure every design is clear with important points and stays consistent with 4Legz's branding. As a dog lover, I enjoyed working on the content for a deaf-owned company.


 I was hired by company* to create social media content for California Connect.

I worked with the marketing manager on this project in Figma. Their target audience are people with vision, hearing, speech, memory, and mobility disabilities. Their programs and services have a purpose to help people with disabilities get the communication tools they need without any financial barriers.

My role is to keep the CA Connect's branding consistent with important information and utilizing a variety of approved images of people with disabilities to use in designs. As a deaf designer, I was able to create authentic content. So grateful to be part of it.

AIGA Austin: Creative Mass

After joining AIGA Austin's board as a Creative Mass Chair in December 2021, my responsibilities are to be an event host whether it's virtual or in-person, find a place to hang out every 2nd Tuesday of the month, and create social media content while maintaining Creative Mass' retro/vintage branding. 

*Disclaimer: The confidential company has requested their name be taken off my portfolio website so I have honored the confidentiality. I will only share details in a PDF of my resume upon request. Thank you.

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